What to Do If You Are Bitten by a Dog

460588321A serious dog bite can be a traumatizing experience potentially requiring emergency medical care, reconstructive surgery, and psychological counseling. Therefore, you may be inclined to seek legal action following a dog attack. In the state of Arizona, dog owners are considered accountable for their pets, and there is no “one bite free” law. This means that personal injury lawyers are poised to help their clients receive compensation that may help you pay for the medical and psychological care you need. To ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, follow these critical steps after a dog bite.

Seek medical treatment right away

Your medical care is the top priority, so you should not hesitate to go to an urgent care center or emergency room for serious wounds. You may also need vaccinations to protect from certain illnesses dogs may carry such as rabies. Be sure to keep a record of all medical care needed following the dog bite.

Find out who owns the dog

It is important to learn who owns the dog that bit you not only for liability purposes, but also so that you know the dog’s vaccination history and health. This will help you get the medical care you need to prevent potentially serious infections.

Consult a personal injury lawyer

You should take note of details about the dog bite incident such as the conditions the dog was kept in, whether or not it was restrained, and if it was provoked. A personal injury attorney will likely have you walk through these details and discuss your options for legal action. Typically compensation is pursued through the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

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