Understanding Arizona’s Dram Shop Laws

85074977As the holiday season approaches, offices, restaurants and houses begin to host end of the year celebrations. Unfortunately, holiday festivities tend to correlate with increased drunk driving accidents and arrests. If you plan on hosting a holiday party this year, it’s important to understand your legal responsibility if a guest causes personal injuries to a third party.

Vendor vs. social host liability

In some states, a social host can be held liable for personal injuries their guests cause. However, Arizona law restricts this liability to alcohol vendors or businesses with liquor licenses. As a result, a restaurant can be held liable for personal injuries and property damage that result from selling alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person. Under Arizona dram shop laws, a social host can be held responsible if he or she knowingly serves alcohol to a minor because it is unlawful for a social host to serve a minor.

Damages in dram shop cases

Violations of Arizona dram shop laws result in civil lawsuits, so liability results in money damages. Injured parties can seek damages for quantifiable losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement costs of damaged property. In addition, personal injury victims can seek monetary damages for pain and suffering resulting from another’s negligence. In a dram shop case, the personal injury victim can bring a claim against the vendor as well as party who caused the injuries.

Time limits

The statute of limitations for an Arizona dram law case is two years. This means that failing to file the case two years after the incident can result in case dismissal. The best way to ensure the case is filed in a timely manner is to meet with a personal injury attorney.

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