Tucson’s Most Dangerous Roads

Although any stretch of road has the potential to cause an accident, intersections can be particularly hazardous areas. Whether you are a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist, it’s important to stay vigilant and always exercise caution when crossing an intersection to avoid an accident or injury. Keep reading to discover some of the busiest—and most dangerous—roads in Tucson.

Kolb Rd.

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Tucson are found along Kolb Rd. Broadway Blvd. and Kolb Rd. is one of the busiest intersections in Tucson, with 47,000 vehicles or more passing through it each day. Kolb Rd. and 22nd St. is another busy—and dangerous—intersection, with 45,000 vehicles crossing through on a daily basis. The recent addition of a left turn lane at the intersection of Golf Links Rd. and Kolb Rd. is designed to help direct traffic flow more safely. The city of Tucson has also considered retiming many intersections along Kolb Rd. to improve safety. However, officials warn that longer green lights will take away from the amount of time pedestrians and bicyclists have to cross the road.

Speedway Blvd. and Campbell Ave.

The intersection between Speedway Blvd. and Campbell Ave. sits on the eastern side of the University of Arizona campus. Because of its location, this intersection is often busy and sees a large number of pedestrians, bicyclists, and skateboarders, every day. It is also a common area for out-of-town visitors to pass through, increasing the danger because lost or confused drivers don’t pay as much attention to the road. As such, this intersection is a common setting for fatal and non-fatal hit-and-run accidents, particularly ones that affect skateboarders and pedestrians.

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