Tucson Cycling 101


As more people become aware of the health and environmental benefits of riding a bike instead of commuting by car, Tucson has set forth initiatives to become a more bike-friendly city. This means that there are more bikers on the road, posing a higher risk for accidents involving pedestrians or drivers sharing the road with bikers. If you are not a highly experienced cyclist, you may want to take a look at the tips for c on Tucson streets below.

Safety classes

There are classes offered for cyclists in any age group that will let cyclists explore the unique safety guidelines of biking in Tucson. Graduates of these courses will receive a free helmet, lights, or lock for their bike in addition to gaining valuable information about road safety and traffic laws pertaining to cyclists.

Bicycle-friendly roads

The Loop is an in-development network of paths that will connect all parts of Tucson with Oro Valley, Marana, and South Tucson with more than 100 miles of shared-use areas. Only non-motorized vehicles will be allowed on the Loop, making it a safer area for bike riders. There are also several roads in Tucson that have been widened for bike safety and smoother traveling.

Bike hazards

A hazard unique to southern Arizona streets is monsoon season, which can tear up the asphalt along city streets, creating pot holes and cracks that are a big problem for cyclists. It is best to avoid cycling while it is raining during monsoon season if possible and use extreme caution when traveling on roads following a storm.

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