The leading cause of truck accidents are overworked drivers, some are in altered states, and drivers who have just plain fatigue.

You have rights when you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with a truck. The rights are really the same as any other accident except… the investigation phase is so much more important.

The truck companies have investigators who are out at scenes within hours after the accident. It is important for you to have the same sort of representation at the scene soon after the collision.

The most important action you can take at the accident site is to cooperate thoroughly with the Police Department.

What is also equally important is not to speak with the driver, not to speak with the company representatives who may appear on the scene within minutes after the accident. If you’re taken to the hospital, do not let the company representatives talk to you while you are in the hospital: they are looking out for their best interests, not yours.

Logbooks are like a diary of the truck that tells us where the truck has been, the miles put on it, the deficiencies in it, the lines that are broken, break lining investigation. In any litigated case we request these by subpoena to determine what kind of deficiencies there existed. We then hire experts to scour these logbooks to determine in the event the truck driver made a mistake or more importantly, drove in light of certain deficiencies.

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