Traumatic Brain Injuries & Financial Compensation

Traumatic Brain InjuriesTraumatic brain injuries are typical of catastrophic car accidents and construction accidents. In view of the extent of the devastation caused by these injuries in the lives of both the injured person and their kin, both in terms of life quality alteration and medical bills, traumatic brain injuries require personal injury lawyers to be extremely skilled in getting the associated costs fully evaluated, and to be extremely aggressive in pursuing all avenues of compensation and recovery for the victims and their folks.

Any accident scene involving traumatic brain injuries has to be very carefully studied by experts to determine fault, negligence and responsibilities of all parties involved. The medical costs and the ensuing continuous care costs – which can be incurred for decades after the accident – are such that no single insurance policy will be enough to cover them. A good personal injury attorney will seek the responsibility of all parties involved to the full extent of their liability. Then the personal injury attorney has to take the insurance companies to trial if they do not fully cooperate in compensating the victim and their family adequately.

Causes of traumatic brain injuries are diverse, but the top three causes in the U.S. are car accidents, firearms, and falls. Young adults and elderly carry the highest risk of traumatic brain injury, which can also make them susceptible to spinal cord injuries. There is no cure for TBI, so prevention is the best approach.

Open head injury

In an open head injury, the outer layer of the skull is breached. External objects as well as skull fracture fragments can cause penetrating brain injuries. In a car accident, these are very serious emergencies requiring immediate medical attention. A closed head injury, on the other hand, involves brain trauma resulting from a blow to the head. In an auto accident, the violent jerking motion of the accident can cause the brain to knock against the skull. Unlike an open head injury, no object physically penetrates the brain. However, closed head injuries can affect the cells and tissues throughout the brain.

Deceleration injuries

The skull is a hard and flexible casing, but the brain is very soft. In a car accident, the skull accelerates through space and this action suddenly stops. During this time, the brain and skull move at different speeds because the skull is much heavier. This differential movement when the head is struck results in direct traumatic brain injuries. When the brain is slammed back and forth inside of the skull, it is alternately compressed and stretched because of the differences.


If the accident breaches the blood-brain protective system, the surrounding membranes and brain become very prone to infection. Viruses and bacteria that enter the brain can cause serious, life-threatening diseases. Additionally, if blood flow is blocked, cell death in the area from blood depravation can lead to stroke.
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