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It takes a special type of attorney to handle a legal case in the highly emotional environment surrounding a fatal injury or deadly accident. For more than 25 years, The Hameroff Law Firm has guided southern Arizona families to civil justice and financial recovery in wrongful death claims and lawsuits.

Your loved one had dreams — to buy the family a house, to send the kids to college, to care for aging parents or to provide a better future for the family. We fight hard so these dreams can come true through maximum wrongful death insurance settlements, arbitrations, mediations and trials.

Whether your loved one died in a fatal auto collision, a deadly construction accident, or some other wrongful way, our experienced and caring team is here to stand by your side. We will tell your loved one’s story to the insurance companies or the jury and fight for your rights and your financial recovery. Contact us today at info@hamerlaw.com to discuss your rights and your options in a Free Consultations with an experienced Tucson wrongful death lawyer.

Loss of Consortium in Wrongful Death Cases

Loss of consortium is a legal term that refers to the damages that can be awarded in a wrongful death case for the enjoyment, companionship and emotional support that were stolen from you and your family when your loved one was killed.

Some people who have heard the term assume that it refers only to the loss of a spouse. Arizona courts understand that loss of consortium damages may apply in cases where a parent or child died as a result of negligence.

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