Motorcycle Safety for Auto Drivers


Motorcycles can be hard to see, so it is important for drivers to take steps to be more alert so that accidents can be avoided. More than half of all fatal motorcycle accidents are the fault of the vehicle that hit the motorcycle. As a result, it is important to maintain one’s awareness of others on the road and promote motorcycle safety.

Allow more distance from behind

Motorcyclists tend to slow down by downshifting, so they may not have the warning of a brake light to show that they are reducing in speed. Therefore, if you are following a motorcycle on the road, you should allow for more distance than you normally would for another car. Remember that slippery conditions can make navigating and stopping on a motorcycle particularly difficult, so you will want to allow even more space when it’s raining.

Always check your blind spots

The narrow profile of motorcycles does pose a problem for drivers who are changing lanes or turning at intersections. A motorcycle may be easily missed if a driver is not paying attention to blind spots. Remember that you should actually turn your head to make sure the road is clear instead of relying only on your mirrors.

Predict that cyclists are closer than they appear

Since motorcycles are relatively small, they may look further away than they actually are. Pair this with the fact that it is difficult to determine a motorcycle’s speed, and you could have an accident waiting to happen. Always estimate that a cyclist is closer than he or she appears to compensate for the difference in relative size and speed.

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