Meeting with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

135047865Ensuring a successful outcome in your case requires honest and timely communication between you and your Tucson personal injury attorney. Meaning, you need to prepare for your very first attorney meeting by gathering and organizing all documents related to your case. From there, prepare any issues or questions you would like to discuss with your attorney, so that he or she can accurately assess the chances of success in pursuing your personal injury claim.

Answering Detailed Questions

Your personal injury attorney will ask a series of detailed questions about your claim. Even if you believe that your answers may harm your case, you need to be completely truthful in your responses. Candor during this meeting helps your lawyer evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury matter, which ensures effective legal assistance. Except in extreme circumstances, your attorney may not discuss your case with anyone else without your permission.

Preparing Your Own Questions

While you should be ready to answer any questions about your claim, you should also prepare questions to ask your attorney. For example, you should ask about his or her experience in this area of law and how many similar cases the firm has handled. It’s also a good idea to find out who will be working on your case in the firm and how your attorney will communicate with you as your case progresses.

Understanding Your Client Rights

You should expect your attorney to be capable of handling your case, so feel free to ask questions about your attorney’s education, training, and experience. You should also expect your attorney to charge a reasonable fee, outlined in a written fee agreement. Your attorney should provide a copy of this fee agreement with an explanation of the fees and expenses that you will incur.

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