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Miley Cyrus Tongue Lawsuit

Miley Cyrus’ tongue has become something of a focal point for the young singer. It caused a guy to injure himself (kinda). Click here for the video:

Dolly Parton Sued

Dollywood sounds like a gentle and fun place, but after a woman slipped off a ride and broke bones, the park became the target of a half-million dollar lawsuit.

Exploding Toilets

Exploding toilets! They sound like something out of a goofy comedy. However, it really happens, and the injuries can be serious!


Thalidomide was the cause of some horrific birth defects in the 50’s and 60’s, and is a primary reason for the existence of our current drug laws.

The McDonalds Coffee Burn Case

This is probably the most famous personal injury case of all time, and is rife with confusion and controversy regarding the woman, what happened, and what she was after.