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Man Sues Rescuers for Not Saving him Fast Enough

A man suing his rescuers? It happened. The reason is not as sensational as many would like you to believe, though. Here’s the video:

Miley Cyrus Tongue Lawsuit

Miley Cyrus’ tongue has become something of a focal point for the young singer. It caused a guy to injure himself (kinda). Click here for the video:

Dolly Parton Sued

Dollywood sounds like a gentle and fun place, but after a woman slipped off a ride and broke bones, the park became the target of a half-million dollar lawsuit.

Exploding Toilets

Exploding toilets! They sound like something out of a goofy comedy. However, it really happens, and the injuries can be serious!

Victoria Secret Thong Lawsuit

There’s really a lawsuit for every possible scenario: including underwear which allegedly caused an eye injury.

Wal Mart Man slips on Gatorade Display

A man slips on a Gatorade display. Who’s to blame? The answer turned out to be quite surprising!

John Edwards’ Swimming Pool Case

Former Senator John Edwards made his name off of taking on cases like this one, a heart-wrenching story of an afternoon swim gone wrong.

Hulk’s Son Causes Auto Accident

Hulk Hogan’s son Nick caused some serious controversy when his reckless driving caused his friend to suffer life-changing brain trauma.