The Dangers of Distracted Driving


Everyone owns a smartphone these days and the increase in this trend has led to an increase in distractions on the road. Every day, distracted drivers are sending text messages, reading from a smartphone screen, adjusting music, eating, or taking phone calls leading to accidents and fatalities on the road that could have easily been avoided with safer driving techniques. The costs of distracted driving are high, and all drivers should be aware of the potential hazards. Those in their 20s, however, should pay the most attention to the risks of distracted driving, because this population accounts for nearly 30% of all distracted drivers involved in fatal accidents.

Decreased pedestrian awareness

When your attention is off the road, you might not notice a pedestrian entering a crosswalk or crossing a driveway. Pedestrians are likely to suffer very serious injuries or death upon collision with automobiles, so it is always best to keep eyes and ears on the road. The danger of distraction is prevalent for pedestrians too, as it can be easy to walk into a busy street when your eyes are glued to a cell phone.

Higher accident rates

Auto collisions overall are higher when distracted driving is a factor, and these accidents can often be fatal because drivers do not think to hit the brakes or evade a collision when their attention is elsewhere.

Poor road visibility

If your eyes are not on the road, you may not notice poor road conditions or hazards that could easily be avoided. No text message or song on the radio is worth destroying your car by driving into a pot hole, curb or school zones.

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