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Suing for negligence after an injury: Normandin v. Encanto

Suing for negligence after an injury: the case of  Normandin v. Encanto Adventures, LLC – No. CV-18-0200-PR (Ariz. May 17, 2019) In Normandin v. Encanto Adventures, LLC,  the Arizona Supreme Court held that a company who entered into a concessionaire agreement to operate a children’s amusement area in a public park was not afforded the […]

Ice Skating Personal Injury Results in Death: Wrongful Death?

When you sustain a personal injury on an ice rink, who is liable? A personal injury attorney will sort out the responsibilities of all involved parties


The Merck-Vioxx case is a big pharma personal injury case with deaths. Although the drug manufacturer Merck never admitted fault, they were forced to settle some 35,000 claims to the tune of almost $5 billion. In 2004, leading drug manufacturer Merck fell from grace when its prescription pain-relief medication was recalled worldwide. Investigations revealed that not only […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries & Financial Compensation

Traumatic brain injuries are typical of catastrophic car accidents and construction accidents. In view of the extent of the devastation caused by these injuries in the lives of both the injured person and their kin, both in terms of life quality alteration and medical bills, traumatic brain injuries require personal injury lawyers to be extremely skilled in getting […]


The Thalidomide case is a landmark “big pharma” case that did not get the victims the money they ought to have been awarded. This is most likely the case because most cases occurred in Europe where the law does not give juries the capacity to set damages. According to a report prepared in 2019 by the Irish […]

The Real-Life Erin Brockovich Case

The PG&E / Hinkley case is a case of industrial pollution catastrophe resulting in massive personal injury (including bloody noses, various intestinal ailments, bad backs, rotten teeth and tumors.) In the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts told the story of a single mom who brought down an American powerhouse, despite her lack of formal […]

Recovering from a Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is an integral part of the central nervous system, relaying signals between the body and brain. Thus, spinal cord injuries sustained during car accidents, falls, and other incidents can cause pain, paralysis, and disability that may be permanent or temporary. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, it’s important to seek […]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement from El Tour De Tucson

The El Tour de Tucson race is America’s “longest perimeter bicycling event.” This race attracts thousands of cyclists to take part in long-distance cycling events ranging from 40 to 104 miles. However, even during such a popular event, injuries can occur. Recently, the organizers of the race and Pima County have settled a personal injury […]

Meeting with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Ensuring a successful outcome in your case requires honest and timely communication between you and your Tucson personal injury attorney. Meaning, you need to prepare for your very first attorney meeting by gathering and organizing all documents related to your case. From there, prepare any issues or questions you would like to discuss with your […]

Classifications of Burn Injuries

A Tucson personal injury attorney handles cases in which someone has suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another. While common personal injury claims include car accidents and pedestrian accidents, personal injury attorneys also handle cases involving fire and burn injuries. These types of injuries can occur from a […]