Catastrophic injuries are those injuries when the biomechanical forces are so strong as to cause permanent injury, closed head injuries, spinal cord injury, loss of a limb. The accident is so significant and so harmful that there is a permanent change of life for the victim. This is when the accident’s impact is so significant that the body can’t absorb the impact and causes these permanent damages.

Determining who’s responsible for these accidents is always a challenge. Frequently, there are many actors involved that caused the accidents. Sorting through the various individuals and companies that are involved requires investigators, private investigators, accident reconstructionists and medical experts.

The medical bills in these cases are unfortunately astronomical. They really shouldn’t be a burden to you and your family: they should be borne by the people who caused the accident.

If you or a family member have been involved in a serious accident, give a call to the Hameroff Law Firm. I’ve handled these cases over the years, I understand what needs to be done and we would like to represent you in these circumstances.