What to Do if You Are in a Car Accident

Every year, more than two million Americans are injured or disabled in car accidents. Whether you have been injured or not, knowing how to handle the moments immediately following an accident can help you remain calm and ensure proper procedures are followed. If you have questions or concerns about an injury sustained in an accident, contact The Hameroff Law Group, P.C. of Tucson for a free consultation regarding your case.

Get Everyone to Safety
Regardless of fault, the most important thing to do following a car accident is get everyone to safety. If you can drive your car off the road onto a shoulder, do so; if you can’t, turn on your hazard lights so other cars can detour appropriately. Avoid standing in the road, especially at night. Check yourself and others—including the drivers and passengers in any other cars—for injuries and call for an ambulance if one is needed.

Call the Police

Once you are sure everyone is safe, call the police or highway patrol. These services can often be reached by calling 911. Even if one or more other drivers think the police aren’t needed, don’t listen—only the dispatcher can tell you whether or not the police will need to be involved. Furthermore, if there is an injury, you’ll want the police report to help establish liability up during a legal case. Even in accidents where you are at fault, some responsibility may lay with the other drivers.

Exchange Information

After an accident, your insurance company—and the insurance companies of any other drivers—will need information to begin the claims process. Record other drivers’ names and insurance information, as well as the color, make, model, and license plate information from their cars. Call your insurance company as soon as you are able to file a claim; they will help you through the rest of the process.

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