Cyclists and Pedestrians: Pima County Programs for Safety

The number of cyclists and pedestrians injured in accidents involving collision with cars in Tucson is too high. City ordinances have been issued that require cars drivers to keep a safe distance between themselves and bikers, but all too often, drivers ignore these rules.  Though bicycle lanes are clearly marked, automobilists forget to check their side mirrors […]

Procedural details matter – Gamboa v. Metzler

This case is a reminder that court trials of personal injury cases require a very skillful handling of procedural matters, and adapting quickly to changing circumstances. A case that seemed buttoned up went “south” because of a procedural error on the part of the attorney. Here are the specifics…  Jaime Gamboa was a passenger in […]

Dog related injuries: Kaweske vs DeRosa

The Kaweske vs DeRosa case is an interesting personal injury case (dog related injuries) as it defines very clearly how the law construes the notion of “dangerous propensities” on the part of an animal (in this case, a dog) and the notion of “at large” in respect to the freedom of motion given to animals in […]

Villa v. Furar – A case of evidentiary errors

The Villa vs. Furar case shows how important it is for the personal injury attorney to cover their base for Appeals by examining the possible outcomes of the first trial. From this predictive work, measures will be taken during the first trial to preserve the plaintiff’s chances to a successful recover of damages, including how evidences are to be […]

Granville v. Howard – Pre-trial discovery in personal injury cases

Personal injury lawyers must carefully follow the many rules that apply to pre-trial discovery. Failure to do so can have drastic consequences. Consider the following case, where a seemingly small mistake turned a judgment for the defendant in the amount of nearly $18,000 into a judgment against the defendant in the amount of over $24,000. […]

Car vs. Pedestrian Accidents: Safety Tips for Arizona Residents

Car vs pedestrian accidents are not a rare instance in Tucson. Cases of drivers ignoring red lights or accelerating at the last moment when the orange light is about to turn red are all too numerous in the metro area. Granted, the Tucson traffic light system is badly managed. It is frustrating for any car driver to sit […]

Mistakes to Avoid Following a Car Accident

As a personal injury attorney, I know that in accidental circumstances, drivers often lose their poise and may commit critical mistakes that they will later regret. This article is about 3 of these mistakes. Even the most cautious drivers are likely to end up in a car accident at some point in their lives. If another driver […]

The McDonald’s Coffee Burn Case – Personal Injury Fetches Punitive Damages

The Liebeck vs. McDonald’s coffee burn case stands out as a personal injury case because it was the old frail lady going against a giant corporation. And as could be expected, Corporate America behaved as Corporate America behaves: haughtily. A trial jury “beheaded” them for that and awarded the plaintiff almost $3 million in punitive damages. […]


The Merck-Vioxx case is a big pharma personal injury case with deaths. Although the drug manufacturer Merck never admitted fault, they were forced to settle some 35,000 claims to the tune of almost $5 billion. In 2004, leading drug manufacturer Merck fell from grace when its prescription pain-relief medication was recalled worldwide. Investigations revealed that not only […]

How Is Fault Determined After a Car Accident?

Because car accident are so frequent, there is a very solid jurisprudence on such cases and the law provides clear guidelines on fault determination. Let’s review some of the legal aspects of fault determination. Car insurance in most States is fault-based, so the at-fault driver’s insurer typically helps pay for repairs, medical expenses, and other […]