The McDonald’s Coffee Burn Case – Personal Injury Fetches Punitive Damages

The Liebeck vs. McDonald’s coffee burn case stands out as a personal injury case because it was the old frail lady going against a giant corporation. And as could be expected, Corporate America behaved as Corporate America behaves: haughtily. A trial jury “beheaded” them for that and awarded the plaintiff almost $3 million in punitive damages. […]


The Merck-Vioxx case is a big pharma personal injury case with deaths. Although the drug manufacturer Merck never admitted fault, they were forced to settle some 35,000 claims to the tune of almost $5 billion. In 2004, leading drug manufacturer Merck fell from grace when its prescription pain-relief medication was recalled worldwide. Investigations revealed that not only […]

How Is Fault Determined After a Car Accident?

Because car accident are so frequent, there is a very solid jurisprudence on such cases and the law provides clear guidelines on fault determination. Let’s review some of the legal aspects of fault determination. Car insurance in most States is fault-based, so the at-fault driver’s insurer typically helps pay for repairs, medical expenses, and other […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries & Financial Compensation

Traumatic brain injuries are typical of catastrophic car accidents and construction accidents. In view of the extent of the devastation caused by these injuries in the lives of both the injured person and their kin, both in terms of life quality alteration and medical bills, traumatic brain injuries require personal injury lawyers to be extremely skilled in getting […]


The Thalidomide case is a landmark “big pharma” case that did not get the victims the money they ought to have been awarded. This is most likely the case because most cases occurred in Europe where the law does not give juries the capacity to set damages. According to a report prepared in 2019 by the Irish […]

Drunk Driving: A Closer Look at the Impact

With awareness campaigns ran on radio and TV by the NHTSA, drunk driving statistics are on the way down since 1982 when alcohol-related crashes and fatalities started to be recorded in the U.S. According to the NHTSA, “Every day, almost 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes—that’s one person every 50 minutes in […]