Do You Have a Personal Injury Case? Things to Consider

Injuries can be hard to handle. But when that injury happened because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve. A personal injury attorney can help you decide if you have a case by considering these elements: What Types of Injuries Do You Have? Your injuries will be of […]

Dog Bites: They’re More Common than you Think!

Dog may be man’s best friend, but that does not mean we can always control their behavior. Dog bites are much more common than most people think, leading to personal injury law cases and legal proceedings. Check out some of these facts about dog bites: Why Do Dogs Bite People? It is important to understand […]

Common Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? Working with a personal injury lawyer is important for learning about your options regarding compensation. Before you contact a lawyer, read about some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents: Neck Injuries Drivers and passengers commonly experience neck injuries after being involved in auto […]

Three Real-Life Personal Injury Cases That Changed America

Personal injury law covers many different situations and helps many different types of victims. Get informed by learning about some of the most famous real-life personal injury cases that have changed America: Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants On February 27, 1992, a 79-year old woman named Stella Liebeck visited a local McDonald’s drive-through as a passenger […]